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Schema Therapy is an innovative and empirically validated psychotherapy developed by Dr. Jeffrey Young as an expansion of traditional Cognitive Behaviour therapy. It is defined as an integrative, unifying theory and treatment which combines elements of cognitive- behaviour therapy, attachment theory, gestalt and psycho-dynamic therapies.

Although Schema Therapy was originally developed for personality disorders (including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissism) , it has proven to be particularly helpful in the treatment of other long-standing, entrenched psychological and emotional difficulties such as chronic depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Schema Therapy has recently been blended with mindfulness meditation for clients who want to add a spiritual dimension to their lives.

The goals of Schema Therapy are to help individuals find a way in which their core emotional needs can be met in everyday life in an adaptive manner. It does this by healing maladaptive schemas and modes, and replacing self-defeating life patterns with healthier coping strategies.

New developments in Schema Therapy include:

Outcome research with Borderline Personality Disorder indicates that Schema Therapy is highly effective and demonstrates that it is an evidence based psychotherapy. With low drop out rates in both individual and group therapy it also shows that it is a cost-effective intervention with complex cases.