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Vartouhi Ohanian is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. She was Head of Psychology Services in the Hounslow service of West London Mental Health Trust for 23 years and practised as a clinical psychologist in the NHS for over 30 years. She is a highly experienced clinician.

Vartouhi has trained extensively in Schema Therapy since 1991 with Dr Jeffrey Young and Dr Mary Anne Layden. She is also trained in Group Schema Therapy with Borderline Personality Disorder by Dr Joan Farrell & Ida Shaw.

She has been instrumental in introducing and disseminating Schema Therapy in the UK by organising national workshops since 1996. More recently, Vartouhi has been promoting Schema Therapy for clients with a forensic history by organizing national workshops. She is a long-standing member of the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST) and is certified as a Schema Therapist and Schema Therapy trainer and supervisor by ISST. She sits on the ISST Trainer/Supervisor Committee as the UK representative, is a member of the ISST Ethics Committee, the Brainstorming Subcommittee and Subcommittee working on Supervisor Guidelines.

Vartouhi teaches widely in the UK and abroad in academic departments, the NHS and private psychiatric hospital settings as well as national and international congresses where she as actively taken part in lectures and workshops. She has presented on Schema Therapy at the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy and Eating Disorder conferences. She established the first ISST approved Advanced Certification Training Program in Schema Therapy in the UK in 2008 which has been running regularly ever since. She has also been invited to run and contribute to ISST approved Schema Therapy Training programs in Europe.

Vartouhi is co-author of a number of publications, including book chapters and a number of articles on Schema Therapy with Eating Disorders and has particular expertise in the use of imagery to bring about schema change. She has extensive specialist experience in Personality Disorders in particular Borderline Personality Disorder, Trauma, Eating Disorders and entrenched Axis I Disorders.

What Jeff Young says about Vartouhi Ohanian

I want to express my deep gratitude to Vartouhi for her major role in bringing Schema Therapy to the UK. Vartouhi’s outstanding work in teaching and training therapists has not only been vital in generating interest in Schema Therapy here, but her high standards have set a model for aspiring therapists to live up to.