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Program Overview

Schema Therapy UK is pleased to invite applications for the 2016 Standard and Advanced level International Certification Training Program in Schema Therapy. The Schema Therapy UK Standard & Advanced Certification Training Program is approved by ISST. The program provides intensive, individualised training over a 1-3 year period, leading to either Standard or Advanced Certification through the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST; www.isstonline.com). The training is over three 3-day workshops, weekly or fortnightly supervision and a number of ratings of client audio/video recordings. The teaching is provided by Vartouhi Ohanian, Director of Schema Therapy UK, and supervision by Vartouhi or one of Schema Therapy UK’s affiliates who have extensive experience in Schema Therapy and are certified at Advanced level by ISST.

The ISST Certification Training Program is appropriate for English-speaking clinicians and mental health professionals with doctoral or master’s level degrees in mental health fields (or equivalent) with considerable general psychotherapy experience. Applicants need to demonstrate to be accredited by their respective/relevant professional body. The Schema Therapy UK program will consider applicants who are interested in meeting all the requirements for official ISST certification. Additional criteria for admission are described in the Application Section. Admission is competitive.

If you are interested in attending, please see our application form or please contact us.

The Schema Therapy Certification program is based on core principles and values of Schema Therapy. Thus, Vartouhi’s teaching style integrates mutual respect, nurturing whilst enabling the development of schema therapy knowledge and skills. For this reason the training programs are limited to small groups of up to 12 applicants only. This helps maximize learning and adapt the teaching to individual needs.

Program Outline

The program outline is compliant with the requirements of the 2014-2015 criteria set by ISST.

  1. Three intensive workshops in London, each 3 days in length.
  2. Individual supervision sessions, 20 hours for Standard Certification and 40 hours for Advanced certification. Each session is 50 minutes in length, conducted by telephone, skype or in person. The supervision sessions must be at least over 1 to 3 years on a weekly or fortnightly basis, to qualify for ISST Certification.
  3. Video or audio recordings of patient therapy sessions to be submitted at regular intervals (3 sessions for Standard Certification and 5 for Advanced), each accompanied by a completed Schema Case Conceptualization form to be rated by your supervisor. The final session ratings (1 for Standard and 2 for Advanced Certification) will be scored by an independent, advanced-level certified schema therapist (other than the supervisor) on the Schema Therapist Competency Rating Scale (STCRS). For more details of the minimum requirements for certification please refer to the 2014-2015 Minimum training requirements set by ISST (www.isstonline.com)
  4. Reading books and articles drawn from schema therapy, as well as other readings that provide a broad conceptual background in a variety of approaches relevant to the schema model.
  5. Each trainee must treat a minimum of 2 cases for Standard Certification and a minimum of 4 cases for Advanced Certification utilizing primarily Schema Therapy, for at least 25 therapy hours each; furthermore, the total of all Schema Therapy sessions with all patients must be at least 80 hours for Standard and 160 hours for Advanced Certification. More details will be provided later regarding appropriate types of patients for certification.
  6. All participants will receive comprehensive handouts as well as assessment inventories and other forms developed especially for Schema Therapy.