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To apply for certification training, please complete the form below and submit it with your uploaded supporting documents.

Alternatively, download and complete the application form in Word, or PDF format and email it to us via the Contact Us page.

Please see application process and deadline.

Application for the 2016/17 International Certification Training Program In Schema Therapy.

All applications and supporting materials for the 2016 program must be received by 6 November 2016.

Late applications will only be considered if there are still openings available.

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We will generally correspond with you by email.
Education and work experience
Professional activities
List the approximate hours per week you currently engage in the following professional activities:
I Currently Work With
(Rate each category on a scale from 0 - 3 as follows: 0 = not at all, 1 = occasionally, 2 = frequently, 3 = almost always)

7. To be a candidate for the training program you must be sufficiently fluent in English to participate in the workshops, to understand master therapy sessions on DVD’s conducted in English, and to read schema therapy materials in English.

If you plan on obtaining certification, you also need to be sufficiently fluent to have individual case supervision sessions in English, and if possible, to submit patient session recordings conducted in English.

Please answer the following:

If you answered "no" or "uncertain" to the above, please answer the following question:

9. Required: List one or two professional references who have recently supervised or observed your clinical work with patients. (The clinical work does not have to involve schema therapy.) Please ask them to forward a letter of reference.

First reference

Second reference

10 .Optional: List at least one other reference who can discuss non-clinical aspects of your accomplishments (including work with schema therapy if applicable), such as research, teaching, or administration. Please ask them to forward a letter of reference directly to Vartouhi Ohanian.

First reference

Second reference

Supporting materials
Files must be less than 8 MB.
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